San Francisco Family Routes: Lower Haight to Hayes Valley

In the time before kids, it was easy to stroll down the hill and spend the day in Hayes Valley, doing whatever. It’s amazing how much bigger that hill got after we had kids. Being able to roll up and down for a taste of fun lets us indulge in the illusion of being younger, cooler, better rested people again, just with some rowdy guests in tow. Truly, there’s no time to waste in teaching your kids about the pros and cons of different coffee grinding techniques if you expect them to bring your breakfast in bed someday.



Destinations: John Muir Elementary, Patricia’s Green, Chinese American International School, San Francisco Girls Chorus, San Francisco Boys Chorus, French American International School, Hayes Valley Playground, Hayes Valley shopping and restaurants, Koshland Playground.

Family Friendly Bike Wiggle: Carmelita Street – Waller Street – Pierce Street – Page Street – Buchanan Street – Grove Street – Octavia Boulevard.

Feels: Trees, houses, urban village. This is a slightly calmer, wider alternative to taking Webster to get from Hayes Valley to the Lower Haight. Electric assist a must.

On Time: 5 Minutes from the Lower Haight to Smitten ice cream. (Shhhh!)

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