San Francisco Family Routes: Precita Park to Noe Valley

Noe Valley, Bernal and the Mission all seem to try to keep their distance from one another. They’re designed to be as hard as possible to get from one to the next without a boarding pass, blood sample and letter of recommendation. Very San Francisco. But not very practical. This route is helping me teach my kids to be multi-nationals. They know the secret ways across the borders.



Destinations: Precita Park, Bernal Heights Park, Flynn Elementary School, Buena Vista Horace Mann Elementary, Cesar Chavez Elementary, Moscone Elementary, James Lick Middle School, Eureka Learning Center.

Family Friendly Route: Folsom – 26th Street – Valencia Street – 22nd Street – Chattanooga Street – Jersey Street – Noe Street – Clipper Street.

Feels: A relatively quiet transition between the Mission and Bernal Heights. This route is great for families who want to avoid using Mission Street to get to and from Cortland Avenue and Bernal Heights. Electric assist recommended.

On Time: 10 minutes from Bernal Heights to James Lick Middle School.

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