San Francisco Family Routes: Cole Valley to the Cable Car Museum

I suppose that there are children who are as obsessed with the Cable Car Museum as my son, but let’s just say that I have learned never to mention the place in his presence lest he beg to go for days on end. Before I figured out this route, it was a total pain to get to the place no matter what we did. So hallelujah for this route. This trip no longer eats up the whole day. I still need to remember to bring earplugs, but now I always have this treat up my sleeve for those critical parenting bribe moments. Don’t judge me.



Destinations: Cable Car Museum, cable cars, North Beach, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Redding Elementary, Spring Valley Elementary.

Family Friendly Bike Wiggle: Cole Street – Waller Street – Clayton Street – Panhandle path – Baker Street – McAllister Street – Steiner Street – Clay Street – Webster Street – Pacific Avenue – Taylor Street – Washington Street.

Feels: Cross through all kinds of San Francisco neighborhoods, a winding tour of neighborhood streets. Electric assist a must.

On Time: 20 minutes from Cole Valley to the Cable Car Museum.

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