San Francisco Family Routes: Bayview to Balboa Park

The Bayview and Visitacion Valley are so vast. In my mind it’s easy to think that it’d take a whole day to get across town from the Bayview. But these neighborhoods have so many hidden gems of streets woven through them, including Silver Avenue, and it’s important to me that my kids’ mental and emotional map of the city includes the southeast neighborhoods. Even if they look like glazed hams while we ride, I feel confident that they’re absorbing and beginning to understand more than they ever would from behind a glass window.



Destinations: San Francisco Community Alternative School, the San Francisco School, Silver Terrace Playground, Bayview Opera House, Burnett Child Development Center, George Washington Carver Elementary School, Adam Rodgers Park.

Family Friendly Wiggle: Palou Avenue – Silver Avenue – Madrid Street – Excelsior Avenue.

Feels: Residential streets crossing through lots of micro neighborhoods.

On Time: 15 minutes from the Bayview to Monroe Elementary.

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