San Francisco Family Routes: Bernal Heights to Dogpatch

I love how biking to the Dogpatch makes me feel like a genius. This part of the city is so cut up that it can be confusing to get around. But it’s actually lovely and fast to pop over to this neighborhood once you know the way; I love knowing this almost secret path through the city. The only drawback is that now that my kids can read, they’re discovering just how many places sell ice cream and other treats along the way.



Destinations: Bernal Heights Park, Precita Park, Garfield Square, James Rolph Jr Playground, Humphrey Slocombe, John O’Connel High School, Franklin Square, Jackson Playground, Live Oak School, recess, Esprit Park, AltSchool Dogpatch.

Family Friendly Wiggle: Folsom Street – 26th Street – Harrison Street – 17th Street – Rhode Island Street – Mariposa Street* – Minnesota Street.

Feels: Ever changing neighborhood streets with just the right touch of grit. *Please take extra caution crossing under 280 on Mariposa, particularly heading East. The intersection can be confusing the first time through.

On Time: 15 minutes from Bernal Heights to My Gym.

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