San Francisco Family Routes: Forest Knolls to Central Sunset

My kids constantly ask me to take “a different way,” especially anything that involves a big new hill. Honestly, I try to avoid Lawton and Laguna Honda because we’ve ended up with ridiculous numbers of pumpkins and Christmas trees in years past thanks to the lure of Clancy’s. But this is one of my kids’ favorite “different” routes full of all the things they love: turning and twisting hills and dramatic vistas and, yes, Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch/Tree Lot. I like it because it is a super fast and fun way to bomb down to the Central Sunset (and who doesn’t love a pumpkin … or five?).



Destinations: Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch/Tree Lot (seasonal), Garden for the Environment, Grand View Park, Lycee Francais, Sunset Reservoir Park, Ortega Branch Library, Sunset Elementary School, West Sunset Playground, Stevenson Elementary, St. Ignatius College Prep.

Family Friendly Wiggle: Warren Drive – Lawton Street – 16th Avenue – Ortega Street.

Feels: Neighborhood residential streets, with glimpses of local parks.

On Time: 10 minutes from Forest Knolls to Sunset Elementary.


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