San Francisco Family Routes: Merced Heights to the Zoo!

I’m always surprised by how fast and easy it is to bike to the zoo. Boom. We’re there, and it was super lovely the whole way over. The bike parking is easy, and not having to worry about parking or the train schedule means that we can investigate lots of animals, work through a couple of tantrums, ride the Little Puffer plus pop over to Java Beach Cafe for ice cream and still get home for nap time.



Destinations: San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco State University, Lake Merced, Stonestown Galleria, Stonestown Family YMCA, Ralph Nicol Playground, Lowell High School, Lakeshore Alternative Elementary School, Pine Lake Park, South Sunset Playground, St. Gabriel Elementary, Ocean Beach.

Family Friendly Wiggle: Holloway Avenue – Lunado Way – Mercedes Way – Winston Drive – 20th Avenue – Eucalyptus Drive – Clearfield Drive – 34th Avenue – Vicente Street – Cross Sloat into Zoo.

Feels: Slowly changing neighborhood residential streets ending in … a ROAR!

On Time: 15 minutes from Merced Heights to the Zoo.

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