3 Steps to Cargo Bike Riding Success

We’ve had the pleasure of doing a lot of bike test ride appointments over the last month. And during those sessions, we’ve seen that most people’s biking confidence dramatically increases after doing our learn-to-ride drills. These simple drills are designed to help you quickly master handling the bike with ease. In fact, we’ve heard so much positive feedback on this coaching experience, that we thought we’d share three simple tips to keep in mind as you ride a Family Bike.

  1. Look where you’re going, not down, and go there: Whenever you’re starting from a stop, find a point in space in front of you and pedal to it without looking down. (Harry Potter fans: take note that this is sort of like the principles of learning to Apparate, but much easier!) This practice works because it forces you to bike from your core and feel your balance from the get go.
  2. Steer with your core and keep your hand pressure light: When you steer from your core, you trust the natural ability of the bike to tilt and turn with you, and avoid jerking the handlebars. You’ll be happiest and in best control if you’re riding with relaxed arms and shoulders. Be one with the bike!
  3. Look ahead and be ready to shift way down and power up in case you have to stop, especially on a hill. Getting started from a cold stop on a hill is the most common source of problems for people on cargo bikes. Avoid the situation by keeping alert to anything that might force you to stop ahead (e.g., stop sign, car backing out of garage, truck stopping for a delivery) and start to shift down to an easy gear as soon as you see these situations. Once you’re stopped, power the electric assist up, ease back onto the saddle while keeping one foot in contact with the ground and the brakes engaged, release the brakes and get going!

Ready to try a bike and explore the ease of life by bike? Want the added benefit of hands-on coaching during your test ride?

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