Talking Bike Fit: Shorter Rider

Bike fit is just as important as shoe or pants fit. It may look good on the rack, but if it doesn’t fit our bodies, it’s unfortunately not going to be very fun to use. Most bikes are designed with folks in the 5’6-6’2″ range in mind. But the average height of women in the U.S. is about 5’4″, and we have many customers who are closer to 5’0″. On the opposite end, the Bay Area has a very healthy cohort of tall folks who don’t want to kick rear panniers, overextend seatposts, or just feel like they’re a circus act etc in order to enjoy a bike.

Whether you’re closer to the ground or sky as you walk this world, you deserve a bike that really fits you. So we’ve asked two people to share their perspectives on how the bikes Vie carries fit their bodies, to help you figure out what you might like to ride. Today we’re sharing the perspective of someone on the shorter side of the spectrum.

Gina Faiola is 5’4″ and has been riding bikes for a very long time. When she first heard about Vie, she immediately said, “I really want to find a bike that fits me. It’s too hard to find!” We’ve taken her passionate feedback to heart from day one. Here’s what she has to say about the bikes we carry:

Bullitt: “I love this bike! It took a little getting used to. It fits me okay but it feels a bit big. Swapping in a shorter seat post makes a big difference. The bike is a little difficult to maneuver when stationary.”

Spicy Curry:This bike fits me really well. I like the step through frame, and the 20″ wheel in the back of the bike makes all the difference in terms of balance and being able to ride with a lot of weight.”

MK1: “This bike took me several tries before I felt confident riding it. It’s a very good fit for me.”

Haul a Day: “Great fit for my height. The most balanced cargo bike I have ever ridden. Love it!”

BodaBodaSmall – “It feels a little small for me but I think that might just be due to my riding style. I have to raise the seat up really high in order to be comfortable.” Large – “This is a better fit.”