Bullitt Shimano STePS landing in February!

The Bullitt is one of our most popular bikes. Customers love how well it rides while carrying the most precious cargo. We love a Bullitt!

So we’re excited to announce that we’ll be adding a new Bullitt option to our test ride fleet starting in February. The Bullitt Shimano eSTePS features a fully-integrated mid-drive electric assist and other great features, all for a great price of $5,500.

Here are some of the great features:

  • Shimano Alfine 8 Di2 Electronic shifting
  • Magura hydraulic disc brakes
  • Integrated front and rear tail lights

See more specs about the e-assist system below.

How does this new Bullitt version perform on the hills of SF and the East Bay?

Likely well, but we don’t yet know. We’ve tried out the new Shimano eSTePS on other non-cargo bikes, and the specs are very promising, but we’re looking forward to unpacking the box and putting this bike through its paces as soon as it arrives. Until then, we just don’t know.

How does the Shimano eSTePS Bullitt compare to the Bullitt with BionX E-Assist?

What we can tell you already is that, like other mid-drive systems, the Shimano is a bit less “bikey” feeling. If you’re looking for the ultimate in a high performance, “bikey” cargo bike, the Bullitt with BionX electric assist will remain your best option. The BionX continues to offer a unusually sporty, responsive and powerful e-assist experience that works beautifully with the Bullitt. The Shimano eSTePS is a more affordable, well integrated Bullitt experience.

Not sure which you want? Test ride them both! Send an email to let us know that you want to test ride the Bullitt eSTePS when it becomes available. You’ll be able to test ride both versions in one session.

Know you want one? Order here for delivery in February.

Shimano eSTePS Specs

  • High 418Wh capacity (36V, 11.6Ah)
  • 1000 charge cycles without significant power loss
  • Charges in four hours
Shimano Di2 Alfine 8 Hub
  • Easy-to-use Alfine 8 internal gearing
  • Durable construction and low maintenance requirements
  • SHIMANO STEPS can also be used with a rear derailleur or standard internal hub gear
Drive Unit
  • Weighs just 3.2kg – one of the lightest units on the market
  • Intelligent power assistance gives an easy, natural feeling
  • Walk assist mode for extra support while walking next to the bike
  • With START MODE (Di2 only), automatically shifts down to a lower gear as you stop ready for an easy start
Switch (Shifting and e-assist control)
  • Three easy to click buttons – two for shifting up or down, one for Walk Assist
  • Easy to reach without having to move your hand from the grip
Computer Console
  • Standard bike computer functions:
    • Gear indication
    • Range indication
    • Battery indication
  • Multiple mounting options, with different angles and positions