My Little Pony & Cargo Bikes: Match Up

My kids have gotten really into My Little Pony as of late. I’m actually pretty happy about this because I was super into these dolls when I was their age, and the rebooted series is surprisingly good. But given that I am a co-founder of a family biking business, which I think about nearly non-stop, I find myself mentally matching up ponies and the bikes we sell. Because, well, why not? So in case you were wondering (anyone?), here’s how ponies and bikes match up.



Pony: Twilight Sparkle
Defining Characteristics: Magical, serves royalty.
Family Bike Match: Bullitt

Invariably when people are trying to decide between the Bullitt and something else, they say, “there’s just something about the Bullitt that I can’t stop thinking about.” This is about as magical as a bike gets. Plus, it’s made in Copenhagen, where the royal family rides cargo bikes. So it’s sort of associated with royalty.

eSteps Bullitt Bluebird






char_fluttershyPony: Shutterfly
Defining Characteristics: Huge hidden strength, gravitates towards small things, flies.
Family Bike Match: Haul a Day

The Haul a Day packs a big punch in a small frame. It’s easy to miss how powerful this bike truly is, just like Shutterfly; but it really takes off and flies through the city, and holds serious weight. Plus it’s especially beloved by people who aren’t super tall.









Pony: Rarity
Defining Characteristics: Sophisticated, kicks ass while looking her absolute best at all times.
Family Bike Match: MK1

This one was extremely easy. The MK1 is all about sophisticated, good looking but very practical and competent living. Rarity wouldn’t tolerate any other bike.








char_rainbowdashPony: Rainbow Dash
Defining Characteristics: Flies hard with a real need for speed, athletic, colorful.
Family Bike Match: Spicy Curry

When you think of bikes that can really fly around and book it, the Spicy Curry is the natural match. It has the power, strength and dexterity to really move, and it’s not shy about it. Plus, its green color lends itself to some pretty amazing color palettes when you add Yepp seats.








char_applejackPony: Applejack
Defining Characteristics: Strong, dependable, big family
Family Bike Match: Mundo

The Mundo is a super solid bike. This frame just never quits. The Mundo is also unusually capacious; you can comfortably fit a whole lot of family on this long rear rack.








char_pinkiepiePony: Pinkie Pie
Defining Characteristics: FUN!!!!! Ready to party and make you smile at all times. Cupcake maker.
Family Bike Match: Boda Boda

The Boda Boda is a super fun and happy bike. You ride it and you want to smile. You can be a party of one, or bring a kid along for a bigger party. The front basket fits a lot of cupcakes. 🙂