New Bike: Yuba Boda Boda v3

We are excited to announce a new bike in our fleet: the Yuba Boda Boda v3!


This new Boda Boda design offers a few changes to the awesome Boda Boda v2. Here are some of the highlights:

  • More Kid Capacity: This bike comfortably seats two children on the back deck (the Boda Boda v2 is best for just one kid). The bike has two built-in adapters for Yepp seats, and can also take Monkey Bars. This has been a popular request for the Boda Boda, and this bike delivers.
  • Sturdy: The front of the bike has been redesigned to provide an even sturdier feel.
  • More Compact: The new Boda Boda is a bit more compact, end to end, compared to the Boda Boda v2, so it’s even easier to get it into BART elevators, etc.
  • Lower Back Deck: Yuba has redesigned the back deck to keep the balance of the weight lower than the Boda Boda v2, making it easier to manage the weight of two kids.
  • More Gears: The new Boda Boda comes with 24 gears. This is great for people who want to rely more on their own power to get up and down hills.
  • An Extensive Package: Disc brakes, fenders, wheelskirt, single kickstand and a bell are all included in the basic bike.

Though the new Boda Boda v3 has a few differences from the classic Boda Boda v2, a few things haven’t changed:

  • Two frame sizes
  • Fun colors
  • Lots of great accessory options, include the excellent Bread Basket and very capacious panniers.
  • Ability to purchase with or without an electric assist system. The standard e-assist option for this bike is suited to moderate hills.

Which to Choose? v2 vs v3

If you’re comparing the Boda Boda v2 and v3, choose the v2 if you have one child and really prefer an fairly upright riding experience. Choose the v3 if you have 1-2 kids and really want to use monkey bars on the back or want to ride with children in Yepp seats.

Interested in trying the bike? You can book a test ride here.