How To: Install a Bullitt Kid Seat (1 Kid Box)

Want to install the seat in your one child Larry v Harry Bullitt box on your own? Follow these step-by-step instructions!

1. Install four frame inserts for side panel mounting.

Tip: A little denatured alcohol or other evaporating lubricant (spit) may help on the o-rings. Use a hammer to lightly tap the black inserts into the frame.


2. Install honey comb plate. Keep all bolts loose.

Tip: Install plate but keep bolts loose. On bottom plate install front two bolts loosely. Ignore rear middle mounting point for crotch seat belt strap for now. Attach the front top two hex bolts loosely.


3. Install rear panel.

Tip: Hook rear fabric around deck plate as fully as possible, enough so that the fabric is in front of lower seat mounting bolts.


4. Install side panels. Keep bolts loose.

Tip: Use small 4 mm button cap bolts on bottom four and longer 5 mm hex cap on the front two.


5. Install rear ABS panel (arc) between brackets and rear fabric panel.

Tip: It helps to push the fabric panel up from the bottom as you line up 4 mm bolts with washers on both sides and 10 mm nut with nylon washer on back of frame mounting brackets.


6. Tighten all side panel attachment points, but not the honey comb base plate.


7. Prep folding seat for installation.

Tip: Check lower mounting points to ensure they are just loose enough to be able move freely by hand.

Tip: Check seatbelt pull tabs (larger straps with reflective material) are positioned properly. The longer strap will go through the cordura loop at the top of the seat and the lower strap will go under the seat. These are used to fold and unfold the seat.

Tip: Install the shoulder straps to the top mounting bracket. Route the straps around the top of the oval cut out as seen in the picture. Note the loose strap is on bottom and can be stowed behind the seat as seen in the picture.

Tip: Ensure that the top mounting bolts are flush and the back nut is tight. Looking at the picture below you will see the bolt on left is incorrect and not flush. Bolt on the right is.


8. Attach lower mounting points of folding seat.

Tip: Ensure that all bolts of the folding mechanism are loose enough to allow friction free function. Then insert lower mounting bolts from the seat which are 5mm button cap bolts into the lower mounting brackets of the frame. From here you will need to:

  • Insert 5 mm allen key into the bolt while it is positioned in the mounting bracket of the frame
  • Pull back fabric back around the allen key and bolt
  • Pull folding seat close and align lower mounting bracket to bolt inserted into the frame lower mounting brackets.

Tighten bolt loosely on one side. Then align and tighten the opposite bolt. Come back to the first and tighten completely.


9. Attach upper mounting points of folding seat.

Tip: Pull the top of the folding seat up and insert bolts into top frame mounting brackets. Install with washer and 14 nylon nut or standard washer, split washer and nut.


10. Install rear honey comb bolt with bottom “crotch” seat belt strap and run seat belt strap under the bottom of the seat and up between the bottom and top. Buckle with the two top straps and check for average measurement of straps.


11. Pull outer lap belts between top and bottom of folding seat and buckle. Keep two middle lap belts buckled but tucked behind the seat.


12. Ensure that top and bottom pull straps with reflective striping are accessible from top and bottom of the seat. Test function by pulling on both independently to fold and unfold the seat.