Bullitt Shimano STePS 8000: New and intensely zippy

It’s a gray rainy day and I’m recovering from the flu, so I’m feeling a bit of disconnect between how I actually feel at this moment and how I feel when I think about riding the new Bullitt Shimano STePS 8000. Blah versus zip. Because if there’s one thing I want to convey to you about this newest version of the beloved Larry v Harry Bullitt bike, it’s that it’s fast, light and wants to go go go!

I love the two existing Bullitt bike versions. The original for its aggressive high performance feel. The Shimano STePS 6000 for its elegant hard riding flow. The two versions sometimes felt like very different children from a highly unique family, one who loves to live free, muddy and wild anywhere in the world. And one with the same speed and hard drive but who is also deeply urban and sophisticated.

The new Bullitt Shimano STePS 8000 is a cross of the two past versions. I always find myself riding more aggressively on any Bullitt to match the style of the build. But this new Bullitt is even faster and floatier feeling. It’s lighter and has a higher torque in the e-assist, so it makes you want to pick up your speed to match its zippiness. It’s a fun feeling; I was getting places even faster than usual and enjoying the ride along the way though I did occasionally have to remind myself to chill a bit. I didn’t have any problems getting my large kids (now ages five and 16 eight) up our steepest hills, which is always a good sign. And bonus points, my husband also loved it. (We don’t always see eye to eye on bikes, though he usually comes around to my way of seeing things 😉

Beyond the new bike itself, we’re also experimenting with a new front setup. We’ve been discouraged for a long time from using the Larry v Harry rain canopy in favor of local products from the US. All for good reasons. The BLAQ canopy is taller and will fit bigger kids for longer, and the wooden boxes are practical and well appointed. But when I was in Copenhagen this past summer, I kept stopping in my tracks whenever I saw a Bullitt with the Larry v Harry canopy installed; I probably freaked out a few parents with my intense examinations. What I saw seemed really compelling. Excellent quality, a lot of room and just a really good look. So we’ve installed the Larry v Harry rain canopy setup on our test ride Bullitt Shimano STePS 8000.

The setup includes the honeycomb board, seat with two kinds of seatbelts/harnesses for two kids and a metal casing that keeps the front box secure. The canopy is designed to stay on the bike year round; you can take the top cover on and off as needed for full weather protection. I was concerned whether my extremely tall eight year old would fit in the space, and it turns out he’s totally fine. I was also eager to try out the seating with both of my kids inside. Yes, they do both fit. And yes, it’s extremely squishy. The large Douze front area is more our speed size-wise, but I’m glad that we can get around with both kids on this Bullitt as needed. They really love the setup (when they’re alone). If you have younger kids, you will be absolutely fine for many years, and most of our customers are starting their bike journey with kids who are considerably younger. And bonus: the canopy has pockets, just like the Douze. Pockets are life for me.

As always, we always recommend that you test ride multiple bikes before purchasing. But if you’re at all curious about the Bullitt, you gotta try this one. And yes, we’re now selling them.