Major Service Changes

We will be closing two parts of our business services at the end of February: maintenance service and sales. Going forward, we will only provide test rides.

This has been a tough decision that I’ve reflected on for a long time. When I first developed the idea for Vie Bikes, it was a very big vision, and I repeatedly told people that, no matter what, what I didn’t want was to end up running a bike shop. Fast forward a few years and I have in fact been … running a bike shop. The reality of this industry makes it impossible to do what I initially set out to do.

While there are many things about running a bike shop that I enjoy, namely the bikes (!), getting to know so many great families and getting more people biking, there are far more things that are bad fits with my professional interests and skills. And if you know anything about this business, you hopefully understand that it is primarily deep passion for the particulars of bike mechanicals that keeps bike shop owners going, not the pay.

So I am refocusing our scope on the part of the business I do completely enjoy and can sustain at the level of quality I expect of anything I work on: extended test rides. I will continue to provide that service for the foreseeable future. And perhaps we will grow into a new model, or perhaps not. This industry, like many, is a network of logical inefficiencies operating on such tiny margins that innovation is unnecessarily risky at any point in the pipeline.

There is no easy time to end a service that touches so many people, so I apologize for any bumps along the way. This week will be the last week that we will be actively servicing bikes; and all slots have been filled. I have reached out to all customers who had orders underway to arrange how to finish things. The last couple weeks of the month will be spent moving out of our space. Look for notices about accessory sales.

Thank you for your support over the last three years.