Goodbye Test Rides

I’m sorry to say that we have shut down rentals/test rides, effective immediately. When we shut down the rest of our services, I was looking forward to continuing rentals/test rides. Spinlister was an excellent service for offering test rides: built in insurance, booking, communication systems, etc. Moving to Spinlister meant that we no longer had to carry our own rental insurance.

But sadly, Spinlister is shutting down. This means that we can’t continue to provide rentals/test rides without repurchasing our own insurance and software. This is not financially viable. So despite my hopes and wishes, I can’t provide anymore rentals/test rides. This means that Vie is now completely shut down, minus my ongoing work to dispose of the inventory we still have on hand. Need monkey bars, Yepp seats, etc? And yes, a few bikes. Give me a holler. Otherwise, I encourage you to seek out test rides at the many excellent bike shops in the Bay Area.

It’s been a wild ride! See you in the bike lane.