Rear Carrier for One to Two Children

Yuba Boda Boda v2

Me Time with every pedal.

Easy and happy. This bike puts you on top of the world, in total comfort and confidence. Drop your kid off at school on your way to work, pop over to your favorite playground, spin to swim class and pick up dinner on the way home. Raising kids in the Bay Area just got a lot easier.


The Essentials


Kids: 1 kid (two kids is possible, but not recommended).

Fit: Small - 4'9" to 5'10"; Large - 5’5” to 6’6”

Hill Power: You have the option of easy to use pedal assist to get you up the hills, and extra strong disc brakes to keep you comfortable on the way down. This bike is best suited to moderate hills and the occasional steeper hill. Have questions about electric assists? Check out our Electric Assist 101.

The Build: Check out Yuba's technical specs.

Budget: Starting at $999. See purchase options and pricing here. When you purchase a new bike from us, you also get our maintenance program.

Ring Boda Boda hold-on_grande


Yepp Boda Boda


Test Ride Options & Package

Choose as much time as you need:

1 Hour: $25

1 Day: $75 home delivery, $45 shop pickup/return

3 Days: $140 home delivery, $125 shop pickup/return

1 Week: $190 home delivery, $175 shop pickup/return

No matter what you choose, your test ride includes:

  • Update: We currently offer test rides on the Boda Boda v2 Large with electric assist. We will begin offering test rides on the Boda Boda v3 Small in the early Summer.
  • Upgraded disc brakes.
  • BionX 350W electric assist. After field testing all the options, we've upgraded the standard system to the longer-lasting BionX S350 RX to fit the needs of San Francisco's vertical lifestyle for our test ride bikes. We sell both options, as well as the no electric assist bike.
  • Running boards to help your passengers get up and down with ease.
  • Deflopilator to make the bike even more stable for your wigglers.
  • Double kick stand makes it easy and stable to load and unload your kids.
  • Wheel guard keeps little feet safe.
  • For kids under 48 lbs/preschool age: Yepp rear seat and adapter keeps them snug as a bug.
  • For kids over 48 lbs/older kid/tween age: Ring, soft spot and foot pegs keeps them sitting with confidence.
  • Additional option of a front Yepp seat for older babies and up to 33 lbs.
  • Abus heavy duty enclosed chain lock also protects your frame from chipped paint.
  • Abus seat lock helps keep the adjustable seat from being stolen.
  • Large rear rack bags.
  • Large, sturdy basket.
  • Upgraded stainless steel fenders to keep you looking sharp, even if you're wearing yoga pants.
  • Built-in powerful rear light.
  • Easy and bright front light.
  • Fun bell. Ding ding, life's good!
  • The cost of your test rides, up to $190, is discounted from the price of the bike if you decide to purchase a new bike from us.

Book a Test Ride

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Step 1. Choose a Setup

Please let us know how you'd like us to set up the bike(s) for you and your family. We will use this information to install the right child seats, etc to fit the age of your passengers.



Step 2. Choose a Time


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