Front Carrier for One to Three Kids

Butchers & Bicycles MK1

Turn heads.

The MK1 is a slinky, sophisticated and fully loaded front carrier bike perfect for families with one to three kids who want to live by bike to the fullest. Drop your kids off at school on your way to work, glide over to your favorite playground, pick up friends, cruise to swim class and shop for groceries on the way home. The MK1 is a high style beauty, perfect for families looking for extra stability, comfort and design.

The Essentials


Kids: 1-3 Kids.

Fit: 5'2"+ advised (5'0"+ workable)

Hill Power: The easy to use pedal assist gets you up the big hills, and the high-quality brakes keep you confident on the way down. Have questions about electric assists? Check out our Electric Assist 101.

All Weather: High quality canopy keeps your kids, and your stuff, dry on rainy or snowy days.

The Build: Like technical specs? Here’s the recipe for the Vie Package MK1.

Budget: Currently unavailable for purchase.

Yepp MK1 Child Pack MK1

Test Ride Options & Package

NOTE: This bike is currently unavailable for test rides.

Choose as much time as you need:

1 Hour: $25

1 Day: $75 home delivery, $45 shop pickup/return

3 Days: $140 home delivery, $125 shop pickup/return

1 Week: $190 home delivery, $175 shop pickup/return

No matter what you choose, your test ride includes:

  • Butchers & Bicycles unique and exhilarating three wheel frame. Unlike most bike with three wheels, the two front wheels on the MK1 bend and turn so you can take corners at speed and ride up and down hills with total confidence while enjoying the feeling of added stability that comes with three wheels.
  • Disc brakes on all three wheels.
  • Powerful Bosch mid-drive electric assist system
  • High quality front carrier with seats and harnesses for two kids. Infant car seats with ISOFIX (many brands) can securely clip in to the frame. Please note that if you use an infant seat in the front, you will need to carry your second child on a seat that attaches in the rear, just behind your seat. We also provide this arrangement.
  • Front carrier door for kids to use to get in and out of the bike, with child proofing. Take a break from lifting your kids.
  • Locked compartment to store valuables while you run in to the store.
  • Built in cup holders.
  • Rain cover to keep your kids dry in all weather.
  • Back rack for extra carrying capacity.
  • Optional rear seat for additional child (replaces rack).
  • High quality waterproof back rack bag to carry even more stuff while looking good.
  • Double kick stand makes it easy and stable to load and unload your kids, even on the hills.
  • Abus heavy duty enclosed chain lock also protects your frame from chipped paint.
  • Abus seat lock helps deter thieves.
  • Fenders to keep you dry.
  • Beautiful and powerful built in front and rear lights.
  • Bell for saying hi to your friends while you pass them in the drop off line.
  • The cost of your test rides, up to $190, is discounted from the price of the bike if you decide to purchase from us.
  • We deliver within San Francisco. 

Book a Test Ride

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Step 1: Choose a Setup

Please let us know how you'd like us to set up the bike(s) for you and your family. We will use this information to install the right child seats, etc to fit the age of your passengers.



Step 2: Choose a Time


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