Hi! We’re happy biking parents.

Vie (pronounced “V”) is the creation of three Bay Area parents: Kit, Karl & Rick. We decided to call it Vie because biking with our kids makes us feel like we’re living the vie en rose.  It’s the good life, and we want to share it with you.

As part of her day job as a bike advocate for many years, Kit heard constantly from parents who were eager to get on bikes with their kids, but needed help figuring out how. Meanwhile, Karl was busy directly coaching people of all ages, including families, on becoming confident and happy riders. And Rick was working on thinking about the design of cargo bikes and how to ensure that they really work for the modern American parent. As we biked around town with our respective families, and talked to endless people eager to learn more about our bikes, we couldn’t stop thinking about making family biking more accessible.

We came together to found Vie to remove the barriers to many more parents getting on bikes, and making their lives more joyful, more dependable and generally easier. As she now moves Vie forward, Kit has been joined by wonderful biking parents and cargo bike experts who share her passion for getting more families on bikes.

Vie’s mission is to bring the joy of family biking to families and businesses throughout North America, making bikes a happy part of everyone’s daily life. We can’t wait to ride with you.

We are now offering our full suite of services in San Francisco.

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