Our Guiding Standard:

"Would we put our own kids on this bike?"


We provide maintenance services to our customers and others with select cargo bikes.


Cargo Bike Services

Please note that if you purchased a bike from us before June 9, 2016, you are still on your original maintenance plan. Contact us if you're not sure what it is!

Looking for maintenance help for your non-cargo bike? Check out our Bike Sprite service.


1. FREE 30 Day Tuneup

Available to people who bought a brand new bike from us.

After the first 30 days of riding your new bike you will want to have the bike checked and adjusted, since new bikes tend to take a little time to settle. We will adjust cables, component alignment, bolt torque and perform an overall inspection of the bike including a diagnostic on the e-assist system to ensure the best performance and safety of the bike. Note, if you notice anything out of the ordinary before the first 30 days contact us immediately. Labor is free. Parts are free if they are covered by your warranty.


2. Regular Maintenance

Available to anyone with a cargo bike model that we service.

We will do a basic adjustment and diagnostic of your bike to improve basic performance, never lasting more than an hour. We will then text you a diagnostic report and any recommendations for further repairs, including an estimate on cost. You'll have the choice to approve further repairs or pick up your bike as is.


3. Bike Operation & Maintenance FAQs

Have a question about operating or maintaining your bike? Check the FAQ for your bike! We cover everything from how to turn on your lights to maintaining your brakes. No bike phD required.



Step 1: Select Service

We offer maintenance services for select cargo bikes.

  • Shop Drop Off/Pick Up: Free
  • Home Drop Off/Pick Up: $35 each way

If you are having an emergency on the street, please text 415-841-2746.

* For customers who purchase bikes with us on or after June 9, 2016. Customers who purchased bikes before this date are subject to the plans and rates advertised when they purchased their bike.


Step 2: Select a Time