Should I bring my kids to my test ride appointment?

Yes! When you book a test ride with us, you get the full run of our space and staff; we only bring in one family at a time. We have space for kids to play and read, with lots of fun toys (and cats to gawk at through the window next door). We always recommend that you try out bikes with your children. That said, our test ride process first has you try the bike solo and get totally comfortable riding it before we add your children to the mix.

Will the bike I schedule for a test ride come set up for my family? What about locks, etc?

We do everything possible to set bikes up for your particular family for your test ride. We are only able to do this if you tell us in advance the ages of your children and all adult rider heights. We also include locks and chargers. We can also likely provide helmets, if you let us know in advance.

Which parts of my infant car seat do I need to use the infant attachments on the Bullitt and MK1E?

You will need the _base_ of the infant car seat to clip the seat into the bike. The removable top portion of the seat does not clip into anything.


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